• Green Bay’s kicker Mason Crosby, once counted on like a Swiss time-piece, maybe be looking to file with the other 13% of unemployed America. Crosby was 1-3 yesterday and 11-18 on field goals for the season.
  • Big day for former Oklahoma St. wide receivers. Dez Bryant, had 12 catches for 145 yards and 1 TD. While Jaguars rookie Justin Blackmon, had seven catches for 236 yards and 1 TD. And you wonder why Brandon Weeden looked so good in Stillwater.
  • Jaguars Chad Henne played like the city of Houston owed him child support. He was 16 of 33 for 354 yards and 4 TDs. That type of performance is the type that sets back a franchise for years. All the sudden Jags management thinks they had the QB of the future on the bench the whole time, instead of drafting another QB in the top ’10 (with the built-in excuse they took one “only” two years ago that didn’t work out) and end up taking a third round “project” and its Groundhog Day all over again.
  • Nobody wanted to win in the Atlanta/Arizona game. Matt Ryan had 5 interceptions and the Falcons still came out with the win. ATL literally did anything and everything to had this win to the Cards. The Cardinals offense, lines up five turnstiles at offensive line and look like their running a reality show contest for their QB position (since Kurt Warner, the Cards are quickly shooting up the list of horrible QB decision list with the likes of Dolphins and Browns. Matt Leinart, Max Hall, Kevin Kolb, John Skelton, Derek Anderson, Ryan Lindley, Richie Bartel and this is over the last three seasons. Are they just throwing darts at board?! forget the Bounty scandal, this is the Plax scandal, cause these guys are shooting themselves).
  • Notre Dame is no.1 team in the country for the first time in 300+ weeks. There’s been such a huge talent drain in that time, that centre Jeff Faine, is the only active former Irishmen to make the Pro Bowl (it’s been a real long time for the former Heisman U. The Irish also dodged a huge built after USC lost to UCLA. The Irish strength of schedule would have taken a big hit that would left them on the outside looking in if one or both Kansas St. and Oregon remained unbeaten).
  • A lot of homes are going on the market for Christmas time in Philly, Kansas City and Cleveland. Will Mike Vick be enough to keep Larry Fitzgerald in Arizona. (The only place I can see Vick playing next year)
  • All QB’s name Matt shit the bed yesterday, all of them Schaub, Ryan, Stafford, Cassel even Matt Barkley on Saturday.